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    Hello TalentCraft community! We have been progressing as usual. The website has received many more clean up fixes that continue to make it look even more professional. At this time, we are still unsure of the launch date, it may have to be around New Years, but nevertheless, we are hoping to have it done as soon as possible so that you may begin playing as soon as possible!

    Specifically, the website has had numerous cosmetic fixes allowing for the site to look a lot cleaner. We felt that these changes were necessary for us to continue making a good website! We have cleaned the border around the server status icon! The Discord has seen several behind the scenes changes. The bot now automatically reboots as to prevent previous issues with it crashing and being down. We hope that this is the end of all bot related issues.

    However, in the next few days we will be finalizing the website and Discord. We have already begun work on the Minecraft server and have been progressing quickly. We have specifically working on a custom plugin that will be used to dispaly commands on TalentCraft! Here is a picture!


    Additionally, we have been working on implementing a custom DDOS system that will make all current stage attacks useless. It hopes to rely on the usage of a large amount of varying IP addresses, preventing a small attacker from even disrupting our service! This in part with our custom BungeeCord setup will make TalentCraft a very unique, powerful Minecraft server!

    We have also had our first animated banner completed! We hope that you appreciate it!

    If you have any suggestions on how we can improve the server, people let us know using the suggestion form located under "Application Forms" where you will be able to submit any suggestions as to how we should improve the server!


    Thank you for reading,

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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by OwnageTechGeek, December 4, 2017.

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