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    Many mods in the Minecraft community give unfair advantages to players who do not have them. In order to prevent people from taking advantage of a simple "no cheating" rule, we have made a list of modifications that are prohibited on any TalentCraft server. Having one of these mods installed will lead to possible punishment due to violation of the rules. If a mod is not listed as allowed or prohibited, please consult with a staff member who will get a clarification made.

    Any mods not listed under allowed mods are prohibited.

    Blacklisted Modifications:

    • ChestTracers / PlayerESP / Tracers | Any mod that allows players to see the location of other players/mobs/chests through walls is not allowed.
    • Damage Indicators | Any mod that shows players the health of a player/entity is not allowed.
    • Anti-AFK | Makes the player move around every few seconds to prevent being AFK-kicked, which can be used to farm XP and ruin games, making it not allowed.
    • FastBreak / FastBuild | Breaks blocks at a faster rate than normally possible, therefore making it not allowed.
    • SafeWalk | Prevents player from walking and falling off a high place or into void. Therefore not allowed.
    • FastBridge | Automatically builds a bridge for the player. Therefore not allowed.
    • HoloInventory | Any mod that shows the content of chests is not allowed.
    • Auto-Armour
    • Skin Blinker | A mod that makes the skin layers of a player automatically equip & unequip.
    • Kill Aura / Force field | The ability to hit multiple players at once, or as soon as someone gets close enough, making it hugely unfair and not allowed.
    • Bow Aimbot / Aimbot / “Smooth” Aimbot | Will automatically snap the player’s aim towards the closest player/entity to aim at it, granting a huge advantage, making it not allowed.
    • Anti Knockback | Using any form of a antiknock back hack whether it be from a stand alone mod or a hacked client is not allowed.
    • Derp | Makes it hard to tell for us if someone is hacking or not, commonly comes as a feature in every hacked client, therefore not allowed.
    • FastEat | Makes the player eat food extremely fast, therefore not allowed.
    • Regeneration | Mods that speed up your health regeneration rate are not allowed.
    • X-Ray | Any mod that points out the location of chests, ore, or other items are not allowed.
    • Fly Hacking | The ability to fly in games where flying is disabled. Therefore not allowed.
    • Speed Hacking | Incredibly fast movement. Therefore not allowed.
    • Spider / Step Hacking | Climbing up a wall as if it had a ladder or vines on it. Also, being able to walk up a steep hill without jumping. Therefore not allowed.
    • Liquid Walking / Jesus Hacks | The ability to walk on water. Therefore not allowed.
    • Glide Hacking | Falling at a speed considerably slower than default. Therefore not allowed.
    • Velocity | Modifying your KB to take more KB than supposed to. Therefore not allowed.
    • Teleport Hacks | Teleports the player to a specified place on player Click/macro press. Therefore not allowed.
    • World Downloader | Downloads a server world.
    Allowed Mods:
    • 5zig version 3.3.6+
    • Labymod version 2.6+ & Labymod Toggle Sprint (While it is considered approved, we’ve heard complaints of it sending out information to the Labymod server, so use at your own risk)
    • Optifine
    • Too Many Items
    • Shaders Mods
    • Capes Mods
    • Better Animations/Player Animations Mod
    • Blocks3D Mod
    • Not Enough Items
    • Gamma/Brightness mods (in which the only feature is gamma/brightness)
    • Any mods which have no effect to gameplay such as Pixelmon or Auto-Respawn.
    • Better Sprint Mod
    • InGame info mod
    • bspkr's Armor, Direction and Status effect HUDs
    • UHC Essentials
    • Joystick mod (or other controller/gamepad mods)
    • Pop Enchant Tags
    • Replay Mod
    • MSCL Mod (Podcrash) (This Mod can send screenshots of your game to a public chat at any time it is requested by anyone having the Mod and using the command to do this, so use at your own discretion. We recommend against using this Mod.)
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