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    • This is an official thread. It was posted on behalf of the TalentCraft Management Team.
    This guide is intended to instruct you on how to connect to the TalentCraft server in the easiest way possible.

    In order to join TalentCraft, first launch the Minecraft launcher. In the event you do not currently have it installed, please download it off the Minecraft website and install it. The specific version visible may change with time, or with the addition of preexisting custom configurations.


    As long as you have logged in previously, you will first be confronted with this screen. While it may seem right to simply click "PLAY", it may not be in your best interests to do so. You should proceed to click "Launch options" and then you will be confronted with the following image.


    You should then click "Add new" and proceed to setup in the following manner (as shown in the next image.)


    You may change the version to any currently supported version by TalentCraft (1.8.8-1.12.2) however, it is advised generally, that for the best performance and experience, you should use 1.8.9.

    Now, you should click "Save" and then the Minecraft logo located in the upper center of the launcher. You will then be confronted with the following image.


    At this point you should click on the up arrow symbol to the right of "PLAY" opening the selector for versions. You should see the following screen.


    Then you should click "Unnamed configuration" unless you decided to use a custom name for this configuration. You should see the following screen.


    Finally, you should click "PLAY" and load Minecraft! In the event you have not previously downloaded 1.8.9 (or the version you have selected) it will take extra time for it to launch. Upon Minecraft launching you should see the following screen.


    At this point, you should click "Multiplayer". You should see the following screen.


    You should then proceed to click "Direct Connect", type in "" into the only box and then your screen should look like the following image.


    At this point all that is left is to click "Join Server". It may take time to connect, if you fail to login, please open a support request.

    Now, as long as everything is working correctly, you have joined the TalentCraft server!
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