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    If you are having trouble logging into our website on Google Chrome, follow the steps below to resolve your issue. There are two ways of solving this issue, the one below shows you how to clear your "Cookies" and the other way is to simply use Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge or any other web browser application.

    First what you want to do is go to your Google Chrome controls and customization, to do this click on the three dotted button located on the upper right corner of your browser.


    Once you click on that you should get something like this photo below.


    Secondly, click on the "More Tools" button.


    Afterwards, click on the "Clear Browsing Data" button.


    Once you get there it should look like the following image.


    Next, you want to make sure that only "Cookies and other site data" is checked off; once you have done that it should look like the image below.


    Then you want to make sure you clear it from a day or so before this issue started to occur, I put mine on "the beginning of time" because we do not know when the error started.


    Then all you got to do is click "Clear Browsing Data" and wait for it clear, then you should be able to log-in on google chrome! In the event the problem is still persistent, please open a support request.
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