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    • This is an official thread. It was posted on behalf of the TalentCraft Management Team.
    TalentCraft strives to be an enjoyable and safe environment for all those in our community. To achieve this, we have formulated specific rules and corresponding punishments that are enforced by our staff team. If you see an individual neglecting any of the following and there are no staff members present, then please submit a report.

    The first three offences are listed below each rule. Exceptions may be made for special circumstances. Violations beyond the third will be treated with a permanent or long-term restriction from our networks. If you feel you were punished for an invalid reason, we must ask you to refrain from making a commotion and instead submit an appeal in the correct section.

    Staff are recommended to issue a verbal warning for newer players who may not know the rules, and for lighter punishments. All rules are subject to change from the Management Team at any time, should the need for it arise. These rules are binding on both voice channels and text channels.

    Any ban evasion will result in a permanent ban from the Discord.

    | Spamming

    [ 15 Minute | 1 Day | 7 Day ]

    Spamming is excessively sending messages, mentions or other annoying things.

    | Harassment

    [ 15 Minute | 1 Day | 7 Day ]
    Harassment is constantly asking someone regarding a question or failing to stop doing a specific action against someone after having been requested by said person to seize and desist.

    | Inappropriate Content: Text
    [ 15 Minute | 1 Day | 7 Day ]

    Inappropriate Content is content which is not suited towards our rules. This instance covers all inappropriate text posted.

    | Inappropriate content: Display
    [ Permanent Ban ]

    Inappropriate Content is content which is not suited towards our rules. This instance covers all inappropriate text posted. This covers inappropriate usernames, as well as inappropriate photographs and pornography.

    | Impersonation
    [Permanent Ban ]

    Impersonation is when you impersonate someone else within our community. It may be staff, a respected player, regardless, it will not be tolerated.

    | Advertising
    [ 30 Day | Permanent Ban ]

    Advertisements are posts which reference other competing communities in a light causing for TalentCraft players to join their server. While discussion of other servers in a comparison with TalentCraft is generally permitted, discussion of other servers in general should be avoided.

    | Player Disrespect - Discrimination
    [ 7 Day | 30 Day | Permanent Ban ]

    Discrimination is unjust treatment of a person based on their sex, race, ethnicity or other characteristics.

    | Player Disrespect - Abusive Language
    [ 1 Day | 7 Day | 30 Day ]

    Abusive Language is language that is either foul or discriminates against someone because of a specific feature of themselves. Some of these features include gender, race, and ethnicity.

    | Microphone Disruption
    [ 1 Day | 7 Day | 30 Day ]

    Microphone Disruption includes screaming, shouting, or otherwise making loud or unpleasant noises into the microphone in a voice channel.

    | Channel Spam
    [ 15 Minute | 1 Day | 7 Day ]

    Channel Spam is moving channels rapidly for the purpose of bothering people with the constant notification sound.

    | Staff Demotion
    [ Permanent Ban ]
    Staff Demotion is when you have been demoted from being staff. Due to the inherent powers applied to staff, it is necessary to permanently ban the account upon demotion to insure no improper powers are left. In the event said staff member still wishes to play, they may submit a reprieve immediately requesting the account be permanently wiped.
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