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    • This is an official thread. It was posted on behalf of the administration.
    TalentCraft strives to be an enjoyable and safe environment for all those in our community. To achieve this, we have formulated specific rules and corresponding punishments that are enforced by our staff team. If you see an individual neglecting any of the following and there are no staff members present, then please submit a report.

    The first three offences are listed below each rule. Exceptions may be made for special circumstances. Violations beyond the third will be treated with a permanent or long-term restriction from our networks. If you feel you were punished for an invalid reason, we must ask you to refrain from making a commotion and instead submit an appeal in the correct section.

    Staff are recommended to issue a verbal warning for newer players who may not know the rules, and for lighter punishments. All rules are subject to change from the Management team at any time, should the need for it arise. Chat rules that can apply to voice rules DO apply, and vice versa.

    Any ban evasion will result in a permanent ban on the discord.

    | Spamming
    || 15 Minute | 1 Day | 7 Day

    Repetition (rapid or otherwise) of words, characters, images, pings, files, emojis and symbols etc are not acceptable as it disrupts chat and is annoying to look at / hear.

    | Harassment

    || 15 Minute | 1 Day | 7 Day
    To continually hound a player or staff member on similar subjects, especially after being asked to stop. Including the following:

    • Unrequited sexual advances, implications, or references to non-consensual sexual acts regarding any specific player.
    • Inappropriately questioning the authoritative actions of staff members. Being unnecessarily rude or defiant.
    • Continual hostility and insults, especially needlessly at a person's expense.

    | Inappropriate content: Text
    || 15 Minute | 1 Day | 7 Day

    Inappropriate content communicated via textual description will be punishable by a short term ban. Note that any content that threatens, psychologically triggers, or are graphic to the point of inflicting extreme discomfort will be considered an INAPPROPRIATE CONTENT: DISPLAY ban instead.

    | Inappropriate content: Display

    Inappropriate content communicated via graphic images, symbols, and the like will be instantly and permanently banned, and all their messages/uploads removed from the Discord chat. Inappropriate usernames are considered under this category, and will remain banned until the username is changed to a more appropriate one.

    | Impersonation

    Changing names and profile pictures to imitate another person, with or without their consent, is prohibited as it may cause confusion among the staff and players.

    | Advertising
    || 30 Day | PERMANENT

    Following our advertising rules in the Server Rules thread, mentioning or referencing another server with the intent of drawing players away from TalentCraft platforms to the other server will be heavily punished.

    | Player disrespect - Discrimination
    || 7 Day | 30 Day | PERMANENT

    Any attempt at discrimination against (including but not limited to) gender, race, sexuality, etc will not be tolerated. This includes if used in joking, or non directed ways.

    | Player disrespect - Abusive language
    || 1 Day | 7 Day | 30 Day

    This includes but is not limited direct name calling. Directly insulting a player to harm them or severely hurtful language is also covered here.

    | Microphone disruption
    || 1 Day | 7 Day | 30 Day

    This includes screaming, shouting, or otherwise making loud or unpleasant noises into the microphone in a voice channel.

    | Channel spam
    || 15 Minute | 1 Day | 7 Day

    Moving channels rapidly for the purpose of bothering people with the constant notification sound.
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